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Good game. The music is enjoyable and it's actually surprisingly satisfying to cut out stuff. This could maybe have more potential on the mobile market as it really is a game for people who are bored.
Although I liked it didn't pull me in enough. I kinda wanted an actual challenge earlier on to ensure that it wouldn't end up boring me in the end.

I love the concept, bugt the game is sometimes unfairly hard because of the randomness of the earthquake. Sometimes the building falls almost instantly and sometimes you can complete the level without any trouble. Could properly have been fixed with a less blocky, more realistic building structure, but whatever.
Regardless, it was fun.

Sushin00 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. The idea of the game is "chaos" which means randomness, but it's true that isn't the funnest element of a game. Making buildings not randomly fall however would pretty much require a total redesign, seeing as how I'm relying on the faultiness of the physics engine to bring the buildings down. It could be done but not in the way you suggest.

Great game. Cool mechanic, though it could be done better. A lot of the puzzles feel way too planned out so it won't feel like you actually accomplish something by beating the level.
I liked it, but didn't bother to finish it.

This is awesome. Graphics and effects are great. Good eerie mysterious dark atmosphere. Intriguing story. I love it.

Epic, but still way too easy. Objectives didn't add much apart from story.
It's only fun until the point where you basically can't die.

Good game, though mechanic-wise it seems really uninspired, but it's fine I guess. What really pulls the game down is the controls in my opinion. They feel way to awkward, and some puzzles end up being hard because of the controls and not the puzzle itself.
I haven't played the harder levels, but it seems kinda short too. I'm guessing it's supposed to be a minor project, so I suppose we shouldn't expect much anyway.

Hilariously intense as usual. Great way to expand the series

Great game, nice graphics. I would have loved some keyboard controls though

ZEGMAN responds:

Ah I forgot about that, good idea

Look good at first, but the puzzles are very retentive. It lacks something interesting.

I love the concept of mixing another decent sniper game with a physics puzzler. Difficulty is perfect and the storytelling works great.
The graphics are a little too dull for my taste though. I would love to see some color somewhere. The music is good too, though a little repetitive.

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